Bath House Rules

  1. Respect everyone you meet here and be polite – staff, volunteers and other guests. For us, respect means welcoming differences and treating everyone with dignity.
  2. Respect the space. Don’t hog the hot tub and don’t overfill it. Don’t leave garbage or other things around. Clean up after yourself.
  3. Everything you do tonight, you have to get VERBAL permission for, i.e. consent. Consent is an active process of listening and open communication, not just a question asked at the beginning. Ask for ongoing consent, including from the person or people you came with. Keep asking as the night goes on. Organizers will be there to check in with you and your consent practices through out the night.
  4. Don’t make assumptions about anyone’s sex, gender, gender presentation, sexual orientation, or what they are into. People’s bodies and appearances correspond with their identities in different ways, and not necessarily the way we’re taught to assume in society. Please ask respectfully. If you’re unsure of someone’s pronoun, use “they” or “ze/hir.”
  5. What you see at the bathhouse stays at the bathhouse. No gossiping. No exceptions. This is a confidential space.
  6. You can wear almost anything you want (or nothing) in the bathhouse, but you must change out of your street clothes. Hate-promoting attire is not allowed. Fun costumes are encouraged!
  7. No recording devices or phones allowed. Leave it in your locker!
  8. No drugs or alcohol can be consumed on the premises during most Hot Times Collective events, and if you appear to be intoxicated you will be asked to leave.
  9. No wax play, fecal play, fire play, or breaking of skin (e.g., blood play, piercings), due to limitations of the facilities and organizer capacity.
  10. Water sports must be done in the shower.
  11. No exchange of money is permitted for any reason.
  12. What the organizers say goes. These rules are non-negotiable. Should you break them, you may be spoken to by an organizer or asked to leave. If you see something or are uncomfortable in some way, please speak with one of the identified organizers.

Most of the rules for Seadogs Sauna and Spa also apply at Hot Times Collective bathhouse events.