The Hot Times Collective Presents: Heatwave!

Call For Volunteers

More information on Heatwave! here. This is a women- and trans-centric bath house, no cis-men please.

To volunteer, please email hottimeshfx-at-gmail-dot-com or talk to an organizer.

Shifts are two hours, while the event runs for six. Volunteering entitles you to a refund of a portion of your entry fee, an invite to any private events the group holds, and the eternal gratitude of Hot Times.

Some volunteer roles include:

Hot Tub Monitor: Ensuring the safety of the people in the hot tub and the equipment. This means mopping up spills, ensuring hot tub and sauna rules are followed, and making sure people don’t spend too long in the tub. It’s not glamorous, but a great way to socialize and well suited to bath house first timers.
Guiding new-comers and old pros around the space when they arrive, showing off the facilities and creating excitement for events that happen throughout the evening. Great for outgoing folks.
Rule reader: 
You read the rules to EVERYONE who enters and make sure they are understood. You will also keep watch over the front room, keep an eye on the snacks, and make sure there is no sexual activity and bottoms stay on in this room.
Door person:  
You work the door with a Seadogs employee at the door, greet people as they arrive, give them their supplies, and answer any questions they might have upon arriving. This role is best for someone who has attended bathhouses before and knows the ins and outs. 
Reading Room: 
Do you love to read? We will have a lovely selection of erotica for you to choose from! Keep an eye on the books, and maybe do a little reading out loud. Another good job for first-timers.
Kissing Booth: 
This room is make-out only! You get to make out with anyone who comes into the room, although you have the right to refuse anyone also. Make sure participants ask for what they want, and keep things above the belt.
Game leader: 
Great for your chatty types. Lead icebreaker games, such as spin-the-bottle and dildo ring toss, and get people feeling comfy.
Massage room:
Give 10 minute massages to anyone who wants one. You do not need to be a professional massage therapist, just someone who enjoys giving massages. Massage oil will be provided.
Roaming safer sex supply attendant:
Wander around the bathhouse with condoms, gloves, and lube and check if anyone needs safer sex supplies. 
Want to get a little taste of everything? You’ll be assisting volunteers and organizers doing whatever needs to be done and filling in for volunteers who miss their shift.
Emotional support (T Team): 
Not for the faint of heart. Sexy times aren’t always simple. Some guests may have histories of sexual abuse, gender troubles, or any number of issues that can be aggravated at the bath house. People with training or experience in active listening are especially encouraged to join and provide emotional support and active listening to folks who need it during the event.

The Hot Times Collective will have volunteer T-Team members available to all attendees throughout the night of the bathhouse. What this means is there will be people who will be available to listen to people who are triggered or just need someone to talk to if they are not in a great headspace. What we can offer is active listening, resources and information on a variety of community organizations that also offer support.

We ask that you attend a group orientation before the bath house, though provisions can be made for those unable to be there.

Volunteers must buy a ticket to Heatwave! and will have it partially refunded after the completion of the shift. You should report to the front room 15 minutes before the start of your shift to receive training.