Heatwave! Pride Bath House

Hot Times Presents: Heatwave!

Information may be absent or subject to change.

Date: Wednesday July 25, 2012

Time: 8 PM – 2 AM

Doors Close: Midnight, on the dot!

Cost: $20 at the door / $15 in advance / $10 for volunteers. Tix available at Venus Envy (1598 Barrington), One Block Barbershop (2010 Gottingen), and at the door.  Contact us to request a sliding scale price. 19 +, ID Required

Location: Seadogs Sauna and Spa, 2199 Gottingen Street (Click to see a floorplan–NSFW) Unfortunately, the space is not wheelchair accessible, safe for persons with chemical sensitivities, nor vision-impairment friendly. We are working on getting the exact dimensions of the space.

Come on out during Pride Week for a hot, wet, and wild night of activities and a chance to have fun, relax and socialize. This event is for women, transgender, transsexual, gender queer, non-binary, genderfuck, genderfluid, bi-gender, transwomen, transmen, third gender, agender, and further gender expressions. Arrive early for sexy games to get your blood flowing!

19+, ID required. Do not bring any valuables!

A bottle of water, towel, and locker will be provided. Bring your own reusable water bottle and get entered into a draw for tickets to the next event–there are bathrooms for refills.

Dress code: Almost anything goes! Remember, you MUST change from the clothes you arrive in. Wear what makes you feel good. Get creative if you like (one of the organizers is wearing a unicorn costume!). Any level of nudity is acceptable in the back rooms, something must be covering your genitals in the front lounge. Keep in mind that there is a hot tub and sauna onsite, and the bathhouse will be quite warm.

Activities: Spin-the-bottle and other icebreakers, makeout room, sexy reading room, massage room, queer porn on the TVs, Hitachi Magic Wand Demo, rope bondage room, flogging room, violet wand and sensory play room, and consent discussion

Silicone toy lending library and safer sex supplies will be available.

Volunteers pay a reduced rate in exchange for a 2-hour shift as tour guides, hot tub monitors, makeout room attendants, games leaders, and more! Check out our volunteer page for more info or e-mail hottimeshfx at gmail.com to sign up.

Support: The Hot Times Collective will have Trauma Team (T-Team) members available to all attendees throughout the night of the bathhouse. What this means is there will be people who will be available to listen to people who are triggered or just need someone to talk to if they are not in a great headspace. What we can offer is active listening, resources and information on a variety of community organizations that also offer support. What we are not trained to offer is therapeutic advice or possible solutions to problems that might arise (though if it is an immediate situation in which guidelines are being disrespected T-team and / or organizing members will address it).

We want to be transparent about what we can and can’t offer in the way of support for those who are interested in coming to the bathhouse, and trust you to make a decision about whether that is enough support or not. Please talk to T-team and organizing members if you have thoughts or suggestions on creating a safer space.

Please visit our Rules page–you will be read these rules again at the door to the event before entry.

This event is sponsored by Venus Envy, One Block Barbershop, the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, and Healing Our Nations.

Question or concern? email hottimeshfx-at-gmail-dot-com.