Help Out!

There are several ways you can support the Hot Times Collective.


Hot Times events cannot go off without the huge amount of support and time donated by our volunteers. Volunteer shifts are generally not longer than a third of the event. Watch our Volunteer page for ways that you can help!

There are several benefits to volunteering at a Hot Times event. The night of, volunteers pay a reduced entry fee, and we make it as low as we possibly can. We hope the events get popular enough that we may allow our volunteers free entry. It also gets you (and whoever you’d like to invite) on the list to any private, invite-only events that the Collective might hold (like the wildly successful May Day!). And it goes without saying that you’ll have the undying appreciation and gratitude of the Hot Times Collective.


The uber-volunteers. The HTC organizers meet every second week (roughly) in Halifax to plan events, more frequently as events approach. There are also several sub-committees that meet on-line and off as required. What loosely defines an HTC organizer is a person’s attendance at meetings, or dedication to an ongoing HTC task (like our web presence), or their participation in an organizational capacity of an HTC event. We do not have a board or a defined leadership or membership, and decisions are made by consensus by those in attendance at a meeting, in consultation with the members of the Hot Times google group. To access the google group, it is generally required that you attend one meeting. Our meetings run by much the same guidelines as our events, especially with regard to confidentiality.

So far, this method of running things has resulted in a dynamic and very committed group of individuals giving of their time and energy, and we welcome new people.

Benefits include a sense of pride in organizing great, sex-positive events, introduction to some very fine people, and a reduced rate of entry to Hot Times events.


There are lots of things we can use, but here are a few suggestions.

Sexy things. Like queer porn and erotica(any orientation), safer sex supplies (especially dental dams and non-latex gloves and condoms), or toys for the sex toy lending library.

If you want to donate to the library, we can only accept 100% silicone toys, or other non-porous materials that can be similarly boiled to sterilize. They must be in very good condition (no cracks or nicks or obvious wear), and though we’d prefer new, we won’t turn down used. Currently lacking from our collection are realistic dildoes and larger/longer toys, butt-plugs, and two-person toys (like the feeldoe). It would also be great to add some machine-washable harnesses to the collection.

Money/Gift Cards. The Hot Times Collective is non-profit, and staffed by volunteers that give their time, resources and, often, money to put on these events. We strive to make these events as accessible, inclusive, and interesting as possible. Your cash donation, as with all the money we collect from events, is directly re-invested in improving future events, either by lowering the cost of entry and allowing us to sponsor needy attendees, or by expanding the options available at our events–such as enhancing the lending library, attracting demos and presentations, or offering a wider variety of food that we have available at our events for free.

We can also use gift cards to Venus Envy (Link NSFW. Support your local feminist book/toy store!), to Staples or similar printing businesses to lower advertising/activity costs, and to grocery stores to lower our food/water costs.

Food or Water.Our bath house events tend to attract between 40 and 120 attendees including volunteers, organizers and guests, for whom we provide snacks and water. Upon entry, each person receives a bottle of water–essential for safety and enjoyment of the evening. We also supply a wide variety of food, trying to have something to suit every dietary requirement, and would appreciate your donation. If you would like to provide something home-made, we ask that you provide an ingredient list so that guests with sensitivities can keep themselves informed. Please, no peanuts or sesame.

Prizes, or Items for Grab-Bags. At many events, we have small grab bags for our guests, or to thank volunteers. We can use bags, small sexy things (funky condoms, pasties, gloves, bullet vibes, lube samples), coupons or discount cards, safer sex information, or things of that nature. We may also have ice-breaker games or fundraising raffles for which we can use larger items.

We love our sponsors and supporters! If there is a way you would like to be thanked (shout-outs on advertising materials or the website, inclusion of promotional materials in grab-bags, free or reduced entry to events, or something else entirely) please let us know.

To contact the collective, please write to hottimeshfx-at-gmail-dot-com, or talk to an organizer.