About Us

The Hot Times Collective is a non-profit collective in Halifax, Nova Scotia that is dedicated to creating positive spaces and events for queer people to explore, express, and enjoy their sexuality.

We’d love to hear your feedback on past events and ideas for future events. We respect your confidentiality, and will never post or share anything you send us without your express permission.

Write us at hottimeshfx-at-gmail-dot-com. The Hot Times Collective are volunteers, so please be patient when contacting us.

Policies (These are a work in progress)


Meetings last two hours and are held bi-weekly(more frequently as events approach) in Halifax; anyone may attend. Attendance gives you member status and admittance to the HTC google group where the meeting minutes and other important information is shared.


Decisions are made by consensus at meetings. In a nutshell, this means that we work to make our decisions acceptable to all members. We show our acceptance of a proposal with a “glitter check”, agreement signalled by jazz fingers. Members may also abstain–not having an opinion–or stand aside–disagree but able to accept the group decision–or veto a proposal. A vetoed proposal cannot go forward unless modified to a degree that the vetoing member(s) can stand aside or agree.


Respect is essential to the functioning of the HTC, both its events and its meetings.

We are considerate of the space that is freely given to us, and we respect each other in the proceedings of our meetings. We respect the guiding role of the facilitator and each other by listening without interrupting and keeping tones courteous.

We try our best to be cognizant of the fact that with our organizers and attendees come a diverse range of genders, backgrounds, experiences and abilities.

There is a go-around of names and pronoun preferences at the start of each meeting and, even of you know the person or have heard something different, please use what you hear.


Being involved with events that are explicitly queer and of a sexual nature can have consequences in other aspects of our lives. This is why we make confidentiality of attendees at our events and meetings of utmost importance.