Guerilla kink party at York Redoubt TOMORROW


From the organizers:

Lets get together on the last warm night of the summer for a little kink and sexy play under the stars!
Bring your kit to York Redoubt and enjoy some funky tie-off points in the bunkers or maybe a little military role play.

Queer, trans and TNG friendly.

Things to keep in mind:
-SAFETY. This event is basically unmonitored. There is no official DM, there is no First Aid Kit, there is no dungeon safety kit. This means no scissors/knife for rope, no nothing. You are responsible for your own safety. Plan accordingly.
-Weather. Dress for it, and bring things to keep you warm and dry; August can cool off quick and we’ll be by the ocean.
-Darkness. Bring headlights, flashlights, lamps. Candles aren’t a great idea.
-Transportation. The last bus (15 Purcell’s Cove) to York Redoubt arrives at the park at 8 PM, the next does not arrive til 6 AM the next day, but it does have a bike rack. It’s about 10 k from the Halifax Shopping Centre. A lot of cars in the parking lot will attract a lot of attention, and that’s not what we’re going for, so get there and home under your own power/carpool if you can.
-Legality. The park is going to be closed. According to Parks Canada, it’s legal for pedestrians to access the site at any time.

See the Fetlife event


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