S&S Call for Volunteers!

Volunteer Orientation

Sunday February 17, 5:30 PM 

2683 Fern Lane (Home of the Society of Bastet)

To volunteer, please email hottimeshfx@gmail.com , talk to an organizer or come to the orientation. Volunteers who haven’t volunteered with us before will receive a $10 refund on their entry after their shift has been completed.

Shifts are 1.5 hours, while the event runs for six. Volunteering entitles you to a refund of a portion of your entry fee, an invite to any private events the group holds, and the eternal gratitude of Hot Times.

Volunteer roles include:

Door person:  Take money and check ID! Those are the basics. You’re going to be the first face our attendees see.
Guiding new-comers and old pros around the space when they arrive, showing off the facilities and creating excitement for events that happen throughout the evening. Great for outgoing folks.
Rule reader: 
 You read the rules to EVERYONE who enters and make sure they are understood. 
Reading Nook: 
Do you love to read? We will have a lovely selection of erotica for you to choose from! Keep an eye on the books, and maybe do a little reading out loud. A good job for first-timers.
Game leader: 
Great for your chatty types. Lead icebreaker games and get people feeling comfy.
Want to get a little taste of everything? You’ll be assisting volunteers and organizers doing whatever needs to be done and filling in for volunteers who miss their shift.

Flogging Room Monitor: We are also looking for people experienced with impact play to volunteer in the Flogging Room, guiding folks new to BDSM around the implements and making sure everyone, old and new alike, plays safely.

New volunteers must buy a ticket to S&S and will have it partially refunded after the completion of the shift. You should report to the front room 15 minutes before the start of your shift to receive training.

The Hot Times Collective will have volunteer T-Team members available to all attendees throughout the night of the bathhouse. What this means is there will be people who will be available to listen to people who are triggered or just need someone to talk to if they are not in a great headspace. What we can offer is active listening, resources and information on a variety of community organizations that also offer support.


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