Society of Bastet February events

These events are NOT associated with/endorsed by the Hot Times Collective, but they might come in handy before our next event… 😉

They all take place at the Society of Bastet, 2683 Fern Lane, Halifax NS.

Bastet Orientation — $5, party after included — 6:30-8, Saturday Feb 2

School of Kink: BDSM 101 discussion — $2/$5(guests) — 2-4, Sunday Feb 3 February 16

School of Kink: Beginner Rope — $2/$5(guests) — 2-4, Sunday Feb 17

To get the most from this class you will need at least one 30′ piece of rope and two 15′ lengths. If you have no rope yet you can pick up 1/4 to 3/8″ (6 to 8 mm) polypropaline rope at Canadian Tire, Princess Auto, or even the Dollar Store to get started. For nicer rope you can go to The Binnacle (a boating supply store).

Visit the Society of Bastet website for more details, and to decide if these events are right for you. The space can only be accessed via a full flight of stairs.