Where did Night Of The Living Queers go?

Sadly, folks, we’ve had to cancel Night of the Living Queers, our public, all-gender event.

The event exceeds the legal capacity of our gracious host, so we’re on the hunt for new venues for our all-gender bath houses, at least. We believe that sexy, positive spaces for queers of all configurations are important, and we’re not giving up easily.

If you’re disappointed, you can trust that we are too. We were very excited to hold this event, but fear not! We’ll be back soon with a wide variety of events for you soon. Think workshops! Dances! Demos! Kinky queer history lessons! The Hot Times Collective is much more than just bath houses, and we’re looking forward to showcasing some of those sides too.

Want to help? Have you got a great idea for an event that’s lacking in our fair city? Hit us up at hottimeshfx@gmail.com.