Heatwave! is here!

The Hot Times Collective is stoked for tonight’s big event (obviously one organizer couldn’t sleep!) and we can’t wait to see everyone there. Tickets should still be available for $15 at Venus Envy and One Block Barbershop, or at the Seadogs door for $20.

Remember to bring your water bottle and get entered in a draw for a free ticket to the next event!

The night’s activity schedule is available!

9:00 Consent Demo/Discussion

9:00 Suck and Blow

10:00 Hitachi Magic Wand demo

12:00 Spin-the-bottle

12:00 Water bottle draw

8:30-1:30 BDSM Cafe

8:30-1:00 Flogging room

9-11 Rope station

9-11 Makeout room

10-12 Massage room

12:00 Draw for a free ticket to the next event if you bring your own water bottle

And just a reminder folks, it’s not too late to volunteer–email hottimeshfx-at-gmail.com.