Heatwave! Activity: Water Bottle Draw

Everyone knows that bottled water isn’t the best. It isn’t subject to the same controls as tap water. It creates a lot of waste, it takes a lot of energy to ship, and large corporations get huge profits off something that is a basic human right and necessity. Fresh water is being treated like a commodity, and that’s a problem.

Did you know that there are First Nation reservations in Canada that do not have access to clean, safe drinking water?

And yet, if we don’t have water available at Hot Times events, people can get sick. These are Hot Times indeed! This is why everyone gets a bottle of water at the door. But we can do better. To reduce the number of bottles we use, we’ve come up with a fun little incentive.

Bring your reusable water bottle and get your ticket entered in a draw for a free pass to our next event in the fall!

For more information on bottled water, see:

Canada’s water under pressure (Council of Canadians)

Boiling Point! (2008, Polaris Institute)

Tapped (2009, Documentary, available on Netflix Canada)